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About John and the Program

John learned much about the 20s and 30s from his grandparents
John Korsgaard is a former broadcaster, an old radio guy...did DJ, interviewing, call-in talk, hosted variety, Bible teaching, wrote and voiced radio ads. In those capacities he was a guest on other shows in Houston and did numerous public appearances.

Out of radio for a decade, he discovered activity departments in senior facilities when visiting his father in an Alzheimer home in Boston. John's father was a highly decorated & distinguished World War 2 veteran.

John learned a great deal about the 40s and 50s from his parents, shown here getting married 3 weeks after Pearl Harbor
John began in Houston with 6 facilities. He started doing general storytelling. After a few shows, he found that he related well to this age group's prime of life and that they loved his reminiscing about those days. So, John became a nostalgia specialist.

Using "working" scripts adaptable "on the fly" to all levels of senior mental acuity, his scripts were subscribed to by Activity Directors nationwide. He soon expanded to other Texas cities.

The next step was obvious. After a trial run to St Louis in 2004, he expanded his show to cover the whole country. He now tours coast to coast.

John knows about the 50s and 60s from his own experiences
The cogent fact of the above detail is that these shows are PROVEN at all levels and locales of Senior Facilities.

Call 281-787-6592 or email John
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