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IJK is easy: It's John Korsgaard

One of the outstanding (and unique) features of John's shows is the personal anecdotes. John is connected to the residents' generation. His values and experiences have the same ambience and, as a gifted storyteller, John makes the audience feel like he is a personal "old buddy".

In the SMILING MEMORIES AND MELODIES OF 1955 show, for example, is John's humorous pre-teen dilemma over whether to watch Mickey Mouse Club or American Bandstand after coming home from school.

In the SMILING MEMORIES AND MELODIES OF 1920s is a heartwarming story about the relationship with his grandmother and the eye-witness story of a friend of John's who snuck away from school to see the Scopes Trial.


The 'L' stands for Lighthearted Laughter
John has always loved getting a laugh as in this 8th grade Halloween party

John's shows create smiles and chuckles. He will NOT call himself a comedian, but that humorous DeeJay personality comes into play.

There is also the recall of things that the audience laughed at however many years ago. For example, in the SMILING MEMORIES AND MELODIES OF 1945 show, John plays a famous Jack Benny-Mel Blanc skit or John's gestures during a rollicking Spike Jones song.

The M is for the Musical Memories

John has his own vast record collection, augmented by the previous generations' collections.

The memorable songs by the original artists.

For example, in the SMILING MEMORIES AND MELODIES OF 1950 show John plays a much more recognizable original 78 RPM recording of Patti Page's Tennessee Waltz. This is what the folks remember, not the local trio's version – as pleasant as that might be.

The N is for Nostalgia
John with Walter Brennan

From the SMILING MEMORIES AND MELODIES OF 1938 show are actual clips of three of the favorite radio shows of that year, pictures of the luxury cars of the era and a sentimental description of famous movie actor Walter Brennan, whom John knew personally.

The O stands for Orator

Many of the old–time radio programs highlighted oratory/presentations of poetry, prose and other public speaking/reading. John, with experience in voice–overs, uses his broadcast experience to dramatically present a brief Scripture passage in most shows. There are also, for example, from the SMILING MEMORIES AND MELODIES OF 1942 show, the Vicar's speech from Academy award winning movie "Mrs. Miniver" and James Cagney's George M. Cohan soliloquy on the sinking of the Lusitania.

The PQ stads for Personal Quips

Almost every show, John take the residents down his own memory lane. This personal touch brings an identification between John and his audiences. If you would like some examples, click here to email John with your request.

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