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IJohn Korsgaard has been providing his Nostalgia show to our residents for several years! The residents get excited when they know he will be coming back in town to do one of his Nostalgia Shows. The residents enjoy all the facts & history he shares on the songs he plays during the time period of music he is sharing. When John comes to our facility he shares a different time period of music so his shows are never the same! John will even dance with our residents when they are wanting to! We cannot wait until John is scheduled back at our facility again!
Sherri Walton-Peterson, CAP, Activity Director, Community Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Naperville, IL
I got lots of feedback this afternoon at our cheese party. People offered up praise about your gig, I didn't have to pull it out of them. They are impressed with the material, depth and breadth. Thanks for a job well done. It was a gas.
Allison Bennett, Activity Director, University Place, Houston
You are definitely helping our residents with the stories you bring us. We feel our Alzheimers unit would benefit as well as assisted living.
Rebecca Duty, Activity director, Hampton Cypress Station 2/28/03 after first performance at that facility. Rebecca has had us back every month we were in town since then.
Beyond holding their interest, it stimulated memories they eagerly shared. A useful meaningful activity
Mindi Hunsacker, former Manager, American House Hazel Park, Michigan. This comment was a response from my scripts before I traveled. Mindi had me 8 times for a week stay in the Detroit area, performing live at ten-twelve of the company's facilities.
I also wanted you to know I heard many favorable comments about your program from others.
Forum Houston resident Martha Ray
We are looking forward to another visit. Sorry you had to compete with the St Louis Cardinals playoff game. The residents who came really enjoyed it.
Sandy Beattie, Foxes Grove Retirement, Wood River, Illinois
How residents loved your program. So many great comments.
Glenda Krall, retiring Activity Director, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
From a written feedback survey at Hawaii Kai:
  • Delightful
  • Very enjoyable
  • Enjoyed John's wit and humor
  • We need to get out and dance to those old songs he played
  • John is extremely talented, his voice is great and wonderful to listen to
  • A delightful hour-brought tears to my eyes
  • Informative
  • Increased their knowledge
  • Clear and understandable

From a feature article by Carole Schrock in the South Suburban Star – a Chicago area newspaper.

Item #1: Barb Van Milligan, Activity Director, South Holland, Illinois
"He comes in with a record player that looks like an old radio. He recited a Bible chapter as well. He did that with such vigor and feeling, it was really exciting." "I could see, from where I sat, the memories flashing on the residents faces. It was really charming. He talks of a time in their lives that had such an impact."

Item #2: Ms Schrock asks John to relate a poignant moment during one of his progams:
I was in Temple, Texas playing Tommy Dorsey's "I'm Getting Sentimental Over You". A woman whose eyes were closed during the song came up afterwards and said: "I could feel my husnband's arms around me when you were playing that."